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ProjecTools Banner

"I don't see how companies can manage projects like ours without ProjecTools."

Carol Jones - MODEC

"ProjecTools is very user friendly. I don’t need written instructions to perform tasks."

Shenette Prevo - Audubon Engineering

"ProjecTools cut the time it takes us to prepare a procurement package from six weeks to one."

John Mock - MODEC

"We implemented ProjecTools to grow our business. We plan to double in size in the next year.”

Madelaine Blair - Audubon Engineering

"ProjecTools Engineering & Commissioning provides a smooth flow and saves a lot of time."

Jennifer E. Robert

ProjecTools EPCI project manangement application suite

Automating the Project
Management Process

Download ProjecTools eKit.

Proforma UK specialises in the modelling and analysis of enterprise infrastructure, specifically excelling with the improvement of process and system architectures. The resulting improvements ensure that things are done correctly the first-time, in the right sequence, in a sensible, cost-effective and efficient manner.

Improving processes and systems frequently requires process automation. Simple projects can be managed with manual processes such as spreadsheets and emails. As projects grow in size and complexity, however, managing projects manually becomes more complex and error-prone.

Automated systems can be custom in-house developments (often employing generic BPM workflow automation software) or specialised, off-the-shelf purchases. The off-the-shelf solution is frequently preferable because in-house system development and maintenance is costly and time consuming.

For example, a typical in-house EPCI system development project requires 4-5 developers, each costing, say, £50,000 per year, and takes several years to complete. Employing these developers means you are spending somewhere in the region of £20,000 per month on human resource - on top of expensive hosting and maintenance.

Proforma has found the ProjecTools EPCI Suite to be the most comprehensive project management software on the market. The industrial-grade software is built by and for project management professionals in the Oil & Gas industry. It provides the ideal platform to swiftly implement and enforce EPCI (Engineering Procurement, Construction, Installation) best-practice in a collaborative, cloud-based, automated workflow environment.

Watch this webinar - the intersection between Enterprise Architecture modelling and EPCI ...

ProjecTools Components
ProjecTools EPCI Suite

The four component modules ...

  • ProjecTools Documents - a workflow-driven document and correspondence management system. Enables multiple numbering systems, ensures document currency and revision history.
  • ProjecTools Procurement - a procurement standardisation and workflow management system. Automates, standardises and speeds-up procurement operations via an intuitive online bidding system.
  • ProjecTools Engineering & Commissioning - manages the commissioning aspects of complex construction projects. Ensures quality equipment and expedites the commissioning process.
  • ProjecTools Cost Control - project-centric cost control and reporting functionality. Effectively budget and track project costs.

Many EPCI project management ‘systems’ are in-house creations that generally do not enforce the project workflow, manage email communications, accommodate both supplier and client numbering systems or provide easy access to the latest revisions and document history. The four components that comprise the ProjecTools EPCI Suite provide overarching EPCI Project Management functionality in a secure (role-based), multi-user environment.

The ProjecTools EPCI Suite enables everyone from the owner-operator to the sub-contractors and contract-bidders to communicate and share documents in a controlled, secure, time-stamped, latest-state, automated workflow environment.

The ProjecTools EPCI Suite eliminates uncontrolled, insecure, manual project management systems, usually comprised of disparate spreadsheets, emails, homegrown applications and assorted generic software.

The ProjecTools EPCI Suite interfaces with other business tools including enterprise content management systems such as MS SharePoint and EMC Documentum, scheduling/portfolio systems such as Oracle Primavera and accountancy systems such as MS Dynamics SL.

Consultancy, training and sales services for the ProjecTools EPCI Suite - online, real-time, collaborative, EPCI Project Management tools optimised for Oil & Gas